Primary Infrastructure Replacement, Selfridges

The Selfridges engineering team had identified the urgent need to replace the current aged shell and tube boiler installation which serves the entire Selfridges Oxford Street building.

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This is a major infrastructure project. A new boiler installation serving heating and hot water requirements has been designed, providing a massive total capacity of 5.3 megawatt – with capability for further expansion and provision for future connection to a low zero carbon technology source.

The new boiler installation is projected to save Selfridges approximately 15% of their annual gas consumption, with a reduction of 14,800 kg CO2 emissions.

The new installation comprises state of the art high efficiency modular boilers located within a central boiler house. Plate heat exchangers provide hydraulic separation between the new boiler installation and the existing secondary systems.

Key Facts

  • Client : Selfridges

  • Safe Contractor Approved
  • BSI ISO 9001 Quality Management
  • Pledge to Net Zero
  • City of London – Skills for a Sustainable Skyline